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Torsional autogenerator "ETHER-IV"

"ETHER" - IV- a new modification was added with expanded spectrum of action and improved medical effect.

  • protection from harm caused by negative influence of microwave ovens, TV sets, computers, cellular phones, X-ray devices and any other devices radiating electromagnetic, microwave and other kinds of radiation of technological origin.

  • increase of serviceability, reduction of fatigue.

  • Protection and restoration of immune system of the person, at various diseases.

  • Protection and restoration at psychological influences.

The world statistics shows that people constantly dealing with electronics and electrical engineering has experience negative influence of such devices. For example, as a result of the researches which have been carried out in USA it was found out, that miscarriages from the pregnant women spending a lot of time in front of the monitor of the computer and the TV, are registered twice more often. Many users of computers feel fatiguability, irritability, headaches, etc. Inspections show infringements in immune, endocrine and central nervous system etc. This group of people is subject to the greater risk of such diseases, as oncology, inflammatory processes, diseases of the central nervous system, changes of vegetative system and of arterial pressure etc.

English scientists carried out a research which proved the harm of radiation of cellular phones for a living creature. A rat was put near the cellular phone which was on . The cellular telephone have changed the rat's central nervous system : it became irritable and lost its' appetite. Also the rat's endocrine and immune systems have changed.

Research carried out in Japan revealed that during a conversation the cellular aerial is situated right opposite the choice centre which influences the quality of making decisions . People, who use cellular telephones regulary, are stated to study worse or to be less efficient at work, for example, bank clerks, brokers businessmen and etc.


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