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Torsional autogenerator "ETHER-IV"

  •   When used by professional programmers, the quantity of mistakes, general fatigue and frequency of diseases of eyes decreased, their efficiency increased.

  •   Constant cellular telephones users noticed that they fell better and their efficiency increased.

  • Reduction and full disappearance of symptoms of occupational diseases was marked by those people whose work at plants and factories is harmful and hard .

  • Positive influence on immune system of the person is marked. For example, while application by people with oncological diseases at 3-rd and 4-th stage, there was an activization of cells of immune system (phagocytes, -lymphocytes) in 2 - 8 times .A Delay and a stop of development of process was marked. Also reduction of prooxidants and increase of antioxidants was marked.

  • Weakened and easily tired people felt themselves better. Good improving effect at various diseases connected with reduction of resistibility of an organism at inflammatory processes of various bodies

  •   Collateral action is reduced during application of antibiotics, process of recovery is accelerated. The good effect is marked by people with allergic diseases. Positive dynamics is marked by hypertensive and hypotensive persons ,especial if there is a dependence with geomagnetic days and others meteorological factors. Symptoms of neurangiosis and neurocirculatory dystonia disappeared.

  •   Amount of stress conditions decreased, the condition of nervous system improved, efficiency increased among manages, businessmen, bank workers, brokers and etc.


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