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Torsional autogenerator "ETHER-IV"

Director of the scientific centre of physical vacuum in the International institute of Theoretical and Applied physics of the Russian Academy of natural sciences, academician of RANS Shipov Gennady Ivanovich and Akimov Anatoly Evgen'evich.

The modern physics considers physical vacuum as the fifth condition of a matter. We know about four conditions of a matter: a firm body, liquids, gases and elementary particles. So appeared, that all the elementary particles are born from vacuum. The vacuum is a certain potential condition of all kinds of a matter. When we began to study this fifth condition - vacuum, we have found out a new type of physical fields. These fields are called torsional. Torsion is translated from English as rotation. Appeared, that there is a field, which has as a source any rotating matter. Therefore everything in the world that rotates, radiates or creates static torsional fields. Two elementary concepts - torsional fields and vacuum. It is possible to speak about vacuum indefinitely. Shortly, it is a potential condition of all kinds of a matter. It appears, the matter can be in the not shown kind, in some potential condition. We register
it when it born from vacuum. But being in vacuum, it is in the latent potential condition.

There are very simple reasons, they were stated by American physicist- theorist Akiyama, one of the oldest theorists of the modernity, which are easy enough for understanding to the person, who yet has not forgotten a school course of physics. The sense of these ideas in the following. Elementary particles
- are the source of all fields in a nature. Then we can say, that if particles have such independent property, as electric charge, then an electromagnetic field, produced by charges, orresponds to these charges and it operates only on electric charges. There is such independent property, as weight. The weight derivates the field -gravitational, which operates only on weight. Continuing this logic, it is possible to say, that there is a third independent parameter - backs, quantum analogue of angular moment of rotation which derivates the field called torsional and which operates only on objects with backs, on objects with rotation. The same as speaking about an electromagnetic field which is derivated by a charge, we say that these fields can be derivated by any charges - charge of electrone, as initial carrier, and we can consider a charge of a star, for example.
The same is here. We can say that the torsional field can be derivated simply by the backs, by rotation of an elementary particle, and can be derivated by macroscopical rotation. The wheel of the automobile or a wheel of a bicycle derivates a torsional field by the fact of the rotation.

Except for the fifth level from below (a firm body - a liquid - gas -elementary particles - physical vacuum) there is the sixth level above it - initial torsional fields. These fields have unusual properties. They do not transfer energy, as all usual physical fields. The electromagnetic field, gravitational field - these fields have energy, though there are disputable questions concerning energy of a gravitational field. And initial torsional fields have no energy at all. These fields can transfer the information. What it means?
Getting to that area, where these fields exist, we feel, that here something is We are transferred with any information.Another very interesting property of these fields is that they are everywhere and always. There is no concept of distribution
of waves or fields for them. If they are exist, they are in all points of Space - Time. At last, the third very interesting property - they have holographic structure. It means, that if in some point of this field there is a certain information, then it is in all points of Space - Time at once, i.e. everywhere where is this field. Just as in holography: if we break away a slice of the
hologram, then using it we can restore the whole hologram. It will not be such sharp, such contrast, but nevertheless all information about object contains in small area of space. The same is for initial torsional fields.
There is a seventh level which we name " absolute nothing ". It is a source of all that lays at underlaying levels. Absolute nothing is an organizing beginning.
Absolute nothing-we can't tell nothing concretely about it, using our binary logic. For us it is as a certain superconsciousness, organizing beginning, which, as we think, has infinite creative abilities. Unfortunately, we don't have the analytical device, which will help on its base to answer the question about some concrete properties of this absolute nothing. But it underlies all world and it organizes from itself all those levels which lay below it, it derivates all world from itself. How it occurs, now we can not answer this question, but all logic and all our intuition, everything, that we know on the present moment, speaks that absolute nothing is the beginning of all beginnings. Everything, that we see around us, appears from it.

As for the given questions - what is the matter, information, energy and consciousness, it is necessary to say, that there are physical definitions. For example, energy - is ability of bodies to make work. If the body is capable to make work, it has energy. There are many opportunities for definition of the information. Different experts define the information completely differently. Uniform definition does not exist, unfortunately. As a physicist I can give the simplified definition to this term. I say, that the
information exists, if something varies. It appears, it is possible to change something, not changing energy. We thought earlier, that something is possible to change, using energy, and it appears even in physics there are such examples, when something varies, and thus energy does not vary. Therefore the information- is a change of anything. At last, consciousness. The consciousness has too many definitions. I can define only mechanicaly , because I'm a physicist. I understand, that the philologist, the psychologist would define it in another way, from the point of view of that environment, which he studies. For me the consciousness is ability of system to cooperate purposefully with other systems or to operate independently.


We can change a spin structural condition of object as a result of
information influence which will not demand energy but therefore this energy will be allocated because of the structure was reconstructed, or on the contrary to be absorbed. I.e. we will observe power consequences of it. In this connection I would like to pay attention that actually there is no contradiction.

In the beginning of this century when there was no quantum mechanics, when there was no that understanding of nature which we have today, it was impossible to give this information to people as it was given to Blavatskaya, as it was given to spouses Rerih, it was impossible to explain without use of concept of energy. Therefore it was entered the concept of thin energy. It is now found out, that actually thin energy is not energy, it is the information display of initial torsional fields. Though the energy is shown at the next stage in those
influences which carry a not energetic character.


The information influence does not carry energy, but by influence on system, on its point of bifurcation, point of unstable balance, this signal can change very strongly the power condition of system, not carrying thus energy.

S. In our opinion, the most interesting result of this theory was the fact that except of usual fields, known already to physics, a new physical field has appeared and it is called the torsional field. There are two kinds of this field. I have already told about one of them - initial torsional field. But except it there is a secondary torsional field created by the matter. There will
be the next report about this field. In the next report it will be told about artificial creation of this field and operation using the newest technologies.

In the experiment by reception of metals using torsional technologies it was analysed the change of structure of steel under the action of torsional radiations. These experiments were carried out in Scientific Research Institute of Materials in Saint Petersburg. On the sample of break of metal, which was received without using of torsional generator, it is visible, that demolition of this sample was carried out as if the break was realized on any plane. At the same time, when smeltings were made ( and there were made four smeltings), all smeltings were carried out under action of torsional generator.
On a break of all four samples it is visible, that metal looked sharply structured and structures on which this demolition was carried out, were well visible. It is well visible, that really the macrostructure of metal has undergone serious changes by action of torsional field against that control which we had originally. Here is an ingot of copper which was obtained with use of torsional technologies in 1989. Using torsional influences extremely unusual changes of macroscopical structural properties and physical and chemical properties of the given material has turned out . Firstly, it is necessary to note, that pores have appeared at the given sample, and not only on surface, but also in volume, and this pores could be changed,
by change of parameters of torsional influences. Also plasticity of copper has increased almost twice and at the same time corrosion resistance has increased almost in two hundred time.

Also experiment with transference of the binary information with the help of torsional signals was carried out, it was realized for the first time in the world.
These experiments were executed in April, 1986. On the scheme it is specified, that transference of torsional signals was carried out from a ground floor of a building, which situated near a ring highway in Moscow in area Jasenevo. A signal should pass a plenty of buildings which separated a point where the signal
was transferred from the point where torsional signal was accepted and there were roughnesses of land between these points, and through the thickness of the ground a signal should pass. Thus torsional generator ,which had no devices of type aerials in a radio communication which could be placed on a roof
so that this signal could pass through the free space from one place to another, bending around all those obstacles, which torsional signal should overcome, was used as a transmitting device.
In this experiment the torsional signal could pass only on a straight line through the preventing buildings and through the thickness of relief. Distance was approximately 22 km, effective thickness of ferro-concrete buildings which shared these two points, was not less than 50 m of ferro-concrete. Capacity which
was used for realization of transference of torsional signal from a point of transference to a point of reception, was 30 milliwatt, that almost in 10 times less, than the capacity consumed by bulb from a pocket lantern. It is natural, that at so low power of a signal any transference of a signal in traditional understanding from a point of transference to a point of reception on distance of 22 kms would be impossible.
In spite of the fact that the signal was so low by intensity, it was steady accepted in a point of reception. The binary signal was accepted as bending around which were fixed already as transformed from torsional to electric signal. Such a signal
was registered. In the second series of experiments the transmitter was brought directly to a point of reception. And again the transference of torsional signal was repeated.
Practically these signals do not differ by intensity, as follows from high penetrating ability of torsional signal. Really, it was all the same to a torsional signal, whether it passes this distance in 22 kms through these absorbing environments, whether these absorbing environments are not present in general. Thus signal strength does not vary in any way. Thus was predicted
theoretically the property of torsional signals not to be weakened neither with distance, nor at passage through any natural environments. A signal really passed
without any weakening.

Videoconference "The Science of Russia. A sight in the future ", 1998.



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