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Torsional autogenerator "ETHER-IV"

This device is a passive autogenerator of the static torsional field . An artificially created torsional program is installed into the structure of a certain alloy . As a result , generation of the wide range static torsional field occurs. The device is inactivated under the influence of the outer radiation source, that's why it can work for unlimited period of time without any outer power supply. The torsional program uninterruptedly traces the presence and the structure of the "negative" component. When the "negative" component appears the device is inactivated and it generated a torsional field opposite to the negative component , terminating it. After the 5 minute use the process of resurrection of a normal torsionale field of human-being begins. When the "negative"
components are absent, the device work in "anticipating" mode. This device works in the range of 100 cm from the man's body. The device is completely harmless to an organism of the person. The device has passed complex tests, in result which its high efficiency was confirmed.

In brief we'll tell you about the essence of the torsional fields. The notion of Spin will help here. Spin is one of the most important characteristics of an elementary particle. Spin reflects rotation of a particle round its axis. Spin is a quantum analogue of an angle moment of rotation which creates its own field which is called torsional and which influences only upon the objects with Spin rotation. Spin isn't just direction of rotation , it means informational characteristics. They influence on physical level as well.



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